Managing sustainability

Committed to sustainable operations

Amerisur's approach to sustainability is focused on integrating the Company's projects and operations with the local environment. Amerisur aims to ensure that exploration and production activities can progress whilst ensuring that ecosystems are protected, local communities can develop sustainably and the authorities and key stakeholders are always considered.

In order to properly manage Amerisur’s approach to sustainability, we have developed environmental, social and health & safety policies, standards, guidelines and training material over the Company’s ten years of existence in Colombia. The Company reviews and updates its regulatory framework on a regular basis and has a well-prepared team of professionals who are focused on assisting and facilitating the satisfactory performance of the exploration and production teams.

Our key areas of focus



Amerisur works closely with national-level, regional and local government and environmental authorities, development agencies, NGOs and local villages and communities.

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Our people

Amerisur’s success would not be possible without its people, so recruiting and training in-country talent is a key priority for the Company.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Environmental assessment, planning and regulatory compliance are core to Amerisur’s successful approach to conducting its operations in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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Values, Policies and Standards

Amerisur is committed to operating responsibly in its business activities and expects its employees to adhere to high ethical standards.

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Initiatives in the local community to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in areas such as education, health, infrastructure and sustainable agriculture.


Social initiative projects which support Colombia’s transition to peace.


Installed clean water filtration tanks in Putumayo community schools.


Awarded the certification in Ethical and Socially Responsible Management.